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Project Botticelli Ltd is a small and young company offering services of consultants who all have many years of individual experience in the field of Information Technology. We specialise in three distinct areas: the ongoing study of programming models (e. g. Microsoft .NET), project management of large software developments or infrastructure deployments using recognised methodologies and frameworks, and security with stress on cryptography. Our services include bespoke consulting, training and public speaking at conferences. Click above to read more about our areas of expertise.

Our mission is to give you a very intensive knowledge transfer and advice based on a careful analysis of your needs. Our consulting fees are not cheap, but, unlike the mantra of most consultants, we promise that once you have used our services you will not need us again until, perhaps, another future project of yours. Indeed, most of Project Botticelli Ltd customers need to hire us for only a few days at a time, yet the value gained is equivalent to weeks of unaided work. Try us–if you are not satisfied, as long as you clearly tell us about it, you will not be charged our consulting fees and we will only ask you to pay any costs of travel and accommodation incurred. Over two years in existence and we yet have to find an unsatisfied customer of ours! That’s what we call a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Project Botticelli typically does not undertake longer-term projects, as we prefer to concentrate on intensive high-value short-term engagements. If you so desire, we will recommend and work with our associated partners for implementations of our recommendations.

Thank you for you interest in Project Botticelli!

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