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Programming Models
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Programming Models

Most software is built on top of a programming model by following design patterns, frameworks, schemas and solution guides. Software development has seen the evolution of programming models from the times of unstructured machine code, through early monolithic models, followed by client-server paradigms, queuing-based systems to the current popularity of loosely-coupled and distributed architectures such as Microsoft .NET. At Project Botticelli we have studied both the historical and current models and we are deeply involved in developments of the future of software. Whether highly-distributed intelligent agent technologies or declarative-only configuration programming is of interest to you, we have expertise in those areas. Our experience is not only based on knowing the technology, but, as the company’s motto says, also on good understanding of the business benefits and risks associated with technology.

Amongst various projects, we were involved in designing the software platform based on a futuristic programming model for a large dot-com company. We continually consult and advise our customers about the right and wrong approaches to software development based on our deep understanding of the theory and practice behind various models.

Our services in this area of expertise include: help with planning and building software architectures, project support, risk-benefit analysis, future-proofing your designs, health-checking your own plans, and workshops or brainstorms leading to new approaches to software modelling. As we concentrate on high-value intensive short-term consulting, we do not provide programmers for coding services, but we would be happy to refer you to reputable companies that do.