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Security and Cryptography

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Security and Cryptography

Integrated, risk-based, and holistic approach to security is a key to succeeding in this difficult area. Why have thick, bullet-proof steel door to a house if its walls are made of thin paper? Why bother to spend millions on securing a site that hosts information that is worth only thousands? What to secure and how? And what about cryptography: how and where to use it? What are the weaknesses of today’s popular cryptosystems?

Project Botticelli can help you answer those questions. We have both the mathematical and technical understanding of this arcane subject, as well as a good knowledge of risk analysis so as to suggest to you the most cost-effective route. Project Botticelli is currently also working on a book explaining a common-sense approach to solving those problems.

Our consultants have been involved in advising various security organisations (such as NSA) and many other companies on the areas of security and cryptography.

Our services in this area of expertise include: training, consulting and workshops on individual aspects of security as well as the overall integrated security approach, risk assessment, and specific help in incorporating security into your products and systems. As we concentrate on high-value intensive short-term consulting, we do not provide security engineers capable of implementing security in individual products such as Microsoft Exchange. For those needs we will recommend the most suitable partner of ours.